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“The quality of Chris’s life has truly improved since joining the program. And walking into the Delaware facility is such a positive experience! all R friends has been a blessing to our family!”
Desiree L., mother
“Max rushes out every morning to get on the van, he comes home totally enthused about the great things he did that day. He’s having a great life and you folks are a big part of that. Much thanks!”
Sue H., mother
“I just wanted to say THANKS AGAIN!!… don’t say it enough… but the difference in Zach when he attends is night and day!! He is Mr Talkative, upbeat and smiling! His mood is always improved when he attends”
Karen Z., mother
“Just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts, every day. Louisa is very happy and excited to share what she has done each day. I appreciate you making every day count!”
Dona J., mother
“I wanted you to know how truly miraculous your program has been for Michael! He is so happy and excited to go each morning. We have seen so much progress and he is trying to talk!”
Sandy K., mother
“There’s always a blessing to everything. Our blessing is having Jason attend all R friends and being with each of you daily. Jason is so happy and grows each day. All of you are the best staff ever! You are each loving, funny and caring”
Bob & Linda K., parents
“Having experienced a program prior to all R friends gives us a much greater appreciation for the genuine caring of your staff and the quality of your program. The feeling of confidence in that caring is a great stress relief. We know that our son is being well taken care of at the house and during that day with his friends in day support. We are so much more comfortable in our day not having to worry about when the next phone call is coming”
Linda M., mom
“all R friends is doing outstanding, over the top, excellent work. We searched many places and all R friends is the best!”
John J., dad
“We love the way that you are able to organize trips and let the participants make decisions as to what they would like to do… We especially like the up-beat attitude and enthusiasm of the staff members!”
Lois B., mom
“We are thrilled to have our son attending such a fabulous day program and the terrific staff that work with him. We see so much improvement in his overall being since becoming a part of all R friends! Please pass our gratitude to everyone else that may have a role in Cory’s life there.”
Steve & Jan E., parents
“To ALL of you who have given support and guidance not just to April and her family but all those with disabilities, we are blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you for offering days filled with many activities and the work you do in order to assure that our sons and daughters have opportunities to be productive!”
Cindy S., mom
“We are very pleased with the physical activities and the amount of time spent out in the community. Courtney is always excited to go to all R friends!”
Jim P., dad
“It’s so good to see Jessica in a good mood and talking more. Thank you all for your dedication and love for Jessica!”
Amy B., mom
“We really appreciate that you write a note to us every day. Though we don’t always respond back, we read the notes every day! Thank you for taking the time you do in writing them. We really enjoy reading the notes!”
Suresh V., dad
“I am amazed at all you do with the young adults. We are so impressed and pleased with how happy and active Katie is at your program.”
Juli B., mom
“Hannah is lucky to have such a caring (and patient) bunch of folks around her. Thanks again”
Noemi S., mom
“Excellent, outstanding, great! Keep up the good work!”
Jack J., dad
“All the staff can be congratulated for all you do. I am amazed at everything being done. Keep up the good work and THANKS!”
Barbara L., mom
“Nick is being a perfect helper and is so concerned about helping us. Thanks to all of you in giving him these beautiful training habits. I really appreciate all each and everyone of you do. YOU’RE THE BEST.”
Mary Alice W., mom
“All of you are amazing and loving people working with those who have disabilities through no fault of their own. A heart-felt THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!”
Stephen E., dad
We love the way that you are able to organize trips and let the participants make decisions as to what they would like to do… We especially like the up-beat attitude and enthusiasm of the staff members.”
Cathy C., mom
“I thank all of you for making Andrew’s day so enjoyable and safe!”
Susan S., mom
“Thanks so much for all you do!!!”
Brenda O., sister
“Great music, great participants, great staff!”
Nancy T., mom
“What a great and creative staff!”
Diane S., mom
“My son loves being with all his friends which says a lot for all of you. Thanks so much for all you do!”
Karen R., mom
“Bill comes home in a good mood and always looks forward to the next day. He enjoys talking about his day and what is upcoming.”
Linda M., mom
“…with all the love and respect being displayed by all in charge, this love and respect is reflected in, and passed on down to, all the participants, who display this daily.”
Mary W., mom