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One provider . . . every available support option!

In your home, on your job, with your friends, we'll be with you every step of the way!

Find out how!
Our Mission
To help adults with disabilities find, fulfill and enjoy their purpose in life!
Our Vision
A world where adults with disabilities are accepted by everyone as successful, thriving and significant members of society; equals who can be counted on to make good choices and decisions for themselves and others while leading productive, fun and satisfying lives.
Our Values
  • We do what we say.
  • We do it fairly.
  • We do it respectfully.
  • We do it compassionately.
  • We do it with integrity.
  • We do it with accountability.
  • We do it with flexibility.
  • We do it with communication.
  • We do it as a team   and
  • We have fun doing it!


all R friends was founded, and is run, by one outstanding woman!

Kathy Cook started all R friends in 2009, and works closely with staff in each location to ensure that every day is a fun and educational experience for our participants.

In 2018 Kathy and all R friends were the feature story in Heartland Banks Money Matters magazine.

In 2011, Sunny 95 (radio station WSNY 94.7 in Columbus) named Kathy “One of 20 Outstanding Women You Should Know”!