all R friends has continued to provide a fun/educational experience for participants in attendance throughout 2020, while continuing to go above and beyond the guidelines set forth by Governor DeWine, DODD, the CDC, and the ODH. We work each day to teach our participants ways to prevent catching the virus.

If you are interested in joining us in person when the social distancing order limit of 10 people or less is lifted, please contact

"Things are going very well. The vans are right on time, they are keeping them very busy and doing different activities. Jason has been extremely happy and calm with it all. Dottie and Reed are excellent as well as Mackenzie and Edie on our team. Bob says it's the best it has ever been as they are doing more and they know completely how to handle Jason (as well as the rest of the gang). We have had zero problems (knock on wood) but I feel it's how the staff handles him and who is working with him." -Linda

our Services

Supported Living, Employment and Socialization...we do it all, better!

Helping adults with disabilities find, fulfill and enjoy their purpose in life!

our Services

Why? Because all R friends are the best!

And we don’t need to tell you the benefits of having a single provider:

  • Consistent values, ethics and culture among staff and participants
  • Reinforced goal support, using uniform training techniques in each service area
  • Better communication among all the staff that serve you
  • Consistent and standard medical oversight in all areas
  • Accountability of all service area staff to a single executive manager
  • A single point of contact for communication and issue management

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