Our staff understand and connect with you. They spend time getting to learn your every habit, tendency and personal characteristic thoroughly. We require them to pass a number of tests and certifications initially and annually and each is trained in emergency preparedness and certified in basic life support and first aid.
all R friends are certified by the State of Ohio to provide a number of services, primarily Supported Living, Supported Employment, and Day Training. We comply with all State regulations and requirements. We regularly pass a number of audits from a variety of agencies without issue.
Service Restrictions
We provide great opportunities for individuals with disabilities who are not a risk to themselves or to others. While we provide 1:1 staffing in our Supported Living division, we cannot provide 1:2 or 1:1 staffing in our Day Training program. We do staff at ratios as high as 1:3 in our Day Training division.
Payment Options
We can provide services for everyone who has funding via:

* The IO waiver

* The Level 1 waiver

* The SELF waiver

* Local (county) funding

* Private payment